MyPhotoGufran Ahmad has experience in teaching, research and industrial domains for national & international communities. He is ardent Thinker and passionate knowledge Sharer for cultivating intelligence among Scholars and Learners.

Gufran is dedicating his exertion on Data & Information Visualization, Intelligent Computing, Analytics & Predictive Modeling, and Decision Making themes, which are hot talking points of Data Mining, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, and HCI, not only from research perspective but from industrial perspective also.

In addition to these, Data Science perspective has become an integrated part of his recent research findings as well. As a Data Scientist, he is undergoing through data intensive studies along with relevant domains and reference frames.

His expertise and experience on the subject matter came from his analytic and deliberate thinking about resolutions and standpoints of the concerns. Full of enthusiasm and creativity, he endeavors to bring the innovatory perspectives.
Gufran has been a passionate Educator who urges to serve entire society with a broad mind-set. With the motto ‘Good Teaching for Good Research’, he served to national & international organizations with his quality research work, in addition to memorable talks and presentations, in the concerned fields.

He collaborated and wrote national and international articles, publications, teaching & technical notes that can demonstrate his writing intents. These creativities were appended as valued assets by organizations and corporates.

He worked in a number of corporates for providing his technical capabilities to IT services & solutions. His multidimensional skill-sets in IT development, management and administration were successfully employed for enhancement of rapid business scenarios and got benefited from.


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