Visualization: beauty of living activities

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The beauty of visualization can be observed everywhere and forever. It seems to be an integral part of not only non-living entities but living entities also.

Some of the remarkable discoveries of centuries are witnesses for the proof of the statement that progress in human’s history has been driven by this ultimate power of imagination.

It can be a matter of intelligence if not cumbersome or tedious, to visualize biological data for cure and secure the lives of human beings and creatures.

A golf ball could have a different perspective from the micrograph of Toxocara canis egg. But resembling such symmetry and characteristics might give new insight into the deep hidden unknown knowledge to cure in the best manner.


Most of the treatments do relay heavily on data visualization. Ciprofloxacin; an antibiotic used to treat a variety of bacterial infections including inhaled anthrax. The visualized scenario is firmly ensnared in the protein AcrB’s cavity.


Untangling complex series of events leading to the death and destruction of messenger RNA molecule is another instance where big data and data visualization contribute a lot. Two yeast cells with fluorescently labeled P-bodies.



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